• International fully bilingual Public Speaker with over 25 years of experience for a variety of audiences that range from 100 to several thousand. Expert in Human Relations and Motivational Speaking at all levels. Fully fluent in Spanish and English. 
  • Highly skilled and talented at Public Relations in the Latin American Region with great knowledge of the social and multicultural differences of each particular country.  
  • Published Writer, Award Winner Singer, and Creative Producer for television and radio shows. 
  • Exceptional relationships with key media leaders and media personalities in the Latin American region and USA. Experienced in generating extensive and ongoing press and media exposure.
  • Enthusiastic, charismatic, dynamic and empathetic motivator who draws the listener into his powerful messages. 
  • Comprehensive sales and marketing background with over two decades of experience as the owner of his own successful speaking and consulting business. 
  • Image Consultant for public figures to help them to develop their own unique personal style. Leadership development. Planned and organized the promotion of public figures through radio, television, newspapers and online communication channels. Provides high-quality advice and service to clients according to acceptable standards of the profession.
  • Creative Copywriter for magazine and newspaper’s articles, sales pitches, presentations, brochures, web promotion and marketing materials.
  • TV Set Designer. Director of Production. 

  • Freelance Director of Conventions & Event Manager. Working with multiple division leaders to create and manage conferences and events with 100 to 20,000 plus attendees. My combined experience in Latin American affairs and international public relations helped me to planned, executed, and managed conferences, meetings, and corporate events in markets so whiting the Latin American communities. 

Softwares: In Design. QuarkXpress, Word Perfect, Power Point, Photoshop, Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro. 
Hardware: Mac platform, PC platform, Professional HDTV Cameras, Professional Photo cameras, Studio Lighting, Digital Audio Consoles.